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5 Tips on Selecting Cotton Dohars this Summer

Dohar is a very popular type of coverlet that can be used to keep oneself warm during chilly winters or cool summers old. [...]

5 Ways to liven up your Home Décor using Throws

When it comes to Home Décor a variety of trends have emerged off late. But whether you prefer a Boho Chic or Monchromatic or Rustic or Conventional home décor schemes, throws come in very handy in pulling off these décor schemes. [...]

A Quick Guide on uplifting Living Room Decor

Whether you're planning a big interior makeover or simply want to give your house a quick and easy refresh, you would have undoubtedly spent some time online looking for ideas and inspiration. [...]

Role of Soft Toys in aiding your child's growth

Soft toys are popular among young children. These fluffy friends are a joy to be around, and even adults find them adorable. Did you realise, though, that soft toys can aid in a child's development? Here are a few examples of role of soft toys in aiding child’s growth [...]

5 Unique Ways to amp up your Home decor this monsoon

The monsoon season isknocking, and like every year, people have mixed feelings about the weather shift. Some people like the respite from the intense heat and the lush greenery, while others are put off by the lack of sunshine and puddles everywhere. [...]

7 Unique Soft Toys shapes that are in Trend this year

When we were kids and didn’t have much knowledge about the toys in the market, our parents used to bring us stuff toys. They were limited to only fluffy brown bears with bumpy red noses, tigers, and elephants[...]

Pluchi x Decodram : How to Create a monochromatic look at your home

Pluchi’s products are all a 100% cotton knits and absolutely gorgeous. They are very breathable, lightweight, extremely soft, and machine washable, ticking all the boxes for me.[...]

4 Cool Reasons to invest in a Hot Water Bottle Cover

Warming up your bed in the winter, keeping youtoasty on the sofa in the summer, applying heat to fatigued or sprained body parts or even assisting you on camping trip are all fantastic uses for hot water bottles[...]

Home Décor and its impact on Your Health

The recent spread of the new COVID-19 variant that has precipitated into a much dangerous second wave, has yet again pushed people into their homes. [...]

Pluchi x Decodram – Give Your Home a Summer Makeover

Hi, guys. Hope you're doing well. It's boiling outside. So today I'm going to tell you how to create a summer look for your home without spending too much, just like my summer wardrobe. [...]

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